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December 8th, 2011

Welding Supplies

Arc Welding Accessories — Foster Industrial UK

As one of the oldest of the welding processes, Arc Welding is officially called Manual Metal Arc Welding (or MMA) and the process is also known as Arc Welding, Stick Welding or Rod Welding. In Arc Welding an arc is struck between the Welding Electrode and the job, at the same time as the metal core of the Welding Electrode melts, a flux around the Welding Electrode burns to create a gas shield around the Welding Arc.

Arc Welding Accessories from Foster Industrial includes electrode holder-200 amp crocodile type, electrode holder-400a twist red, earth clamp-600 amp brass, earth clamp-200 amp crocodile, earth clamp-400 amp crocodile, earth clamp-600 amp (screw), welders quiver-heated 110v/240v, wire brush 4 row,wire brush 4 row stainless, chipping hammer-steel, gouging carbon-10mm plain,gouging carbon-8mm plain and gouging torch-600 amp swivel neck k3.

Foster Industrial’s expertise, quick response call-outs and technical know-how have secured service contracts with blue chip organisations in the area – enhancing Foster Industrial’s reputation as a dynamic and innovative supplier.

As UK’s premier choice for welding supplies, Foster Industrial aims to provide its customers Professional and Quality Service at all times. With our wide range of welding supplies that include Mig Welder, Tig Welder, Plasma Cutter or just welding Spares and Accessories. Our reputation is built on top level service with quality products at a fair price. If you are interested in any welding & fabrication items, or would like more information, call at either: Nottingham 0115 970 0598 or Leicester 0116 262 1386. Alternatively, send an email: sales@fosterindustrial.co.uk About Author: Foster Industrial is one of the UK’s leading Industrial suppliers stocking items from welding supplies to plasma cutters, safety wear to abrasives


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