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September 11th, 2011


Stud Welding Fasteners with Incredible Strength

Stud Welding Fasteners with Incredible Strength


Stud welding fasteners with incredible strength are some of the many outstanding products available through Sunbelt Stud Welding.  To receive the quality products you need now, contact us at (800) 462-9353.  With our long list of products, your stud welding fastener needs will be met with just this phone call.


Incredibly strong stud welding fasteners give our customers the ability to guarantee the durability and safety of their finished work 100%.


Stud Welded Fasteners


Stud welded fasteners are better than rivets, nuts and bolts, resistance welding and silver soldering or brazing. Consider this list of reasons why:


·              Versatile, mobile, portable equipment or high speed automatic equipment can be used

·              Fastening to most any thickness parent metal from .020” and up

·              Reverse side can be painted, polished, vinyl-clad or otherwise finished before welding

·              No drilling

·              No tapping

·              No clean-up

·              No broken tools

·              Won’t vibrate loose

·              No fillet – CD Welds

·              Extreme speed (only 5-6 milliseconds)


Stud Welding Fastener Applications


Stud welding fastener applications are extremely varied, but a few examples are electronics , aerospace, cookware, appliances, signs and decorative items. 


Still more are construction, insulation products, office furniture, equipment, refractory and material handling equipment.


Also examples are transportation, shipbuilding, wire tie down, home furnishings, sporting goods, toys and marine cable hangers (shipbuilding & offshore oil platforms.)


Full Fastener Strength


Full fastener strength is created where the weld and the parent metal are all equally strong.  Stud welding fasteners with incredible strength is also accomplished because the stud welding process eliminates the need for any holes, thereby never weakening the parent metal.


To enable your company’s utilization of the superior stud welding process, contact Sunbelt Stud Welding today at (800) 462-9353 and receive outstanding customer service while helping your company save time and money.

Alicia Crowder

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