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Craftsman Air Compressor Inflator

December 23rd, 2011

Craftsman Air Compressor Inflator

Cheap Compressors РChoosing the Right Cheap Compressors   by David Urmann

Compressor is an electro-mechanical device which basically captures and enhances the amount of air in a particular space and delivers it at a higher pressure.The air pressure is increased by this which in turn creates high energy.There are also different compressors available like the electric, potable, industrial and handheld which are further classified into various types like the Reciprocating, Rotary Screw and Rotary Centrifugal.There are expensive models to cheap ones available in the market can be used in almost all major industrial, manufacturing, commercial or personal applications.

There are several factors to consider while purchasing a cheap compressor like it’s the price, power ratings, PSI, CFM, Tank Size and Horse Power.But the main features to consider are the PSI and horsepower.The higher these are, you’ll get more power and benefit of continuous usage from any such cheap units.The functions performed by such units are powering pneumatic or power tools, blowing dust and debris off and out of the power tools, or as an inflation device for tires and flotation devices.

Important factors regarding cheap compressor purchase:
Horse Power: The horse power of compressor relates to your compressors performance, is often exaggerated.You should be paying closer attention to the engine’s rated amperage for an idea of how powerful it is.

PSI: PSI stands for pounds for square inch, this rating is one of the vital ratings in the air compressor to understand as air tools have a minimum amount of PSI required to run.Typically that’s 90 PSI, but it depends from tool to tool.

CFM: CFM stands for Cubic Feet per Minute and it’s a unit for measuring the rate of flow in or out of a space.In this case, the rate of flow of air out of your air compressor.Air tools typically require 4-6 CFM for proper operation.

Finding cheap air compressors could be a bit scary and tiresome task.Cheap air compressors are available at all national hardware stores, such as Lowes, sears, home depot and many others.High efficiency is the name given to the cheap compressor units, that has induction motors for long life and it does not fail at any given time.The other most important feature with in such cheap units with high efficiency is the little or no maintenance.Its pump is oil free and delivers 40psi-90psi; a large 6-Gallon does its part by reducing the run times.

These units are lightweight and compact like definitely designed for portability.Always make a point to be sure of the ratings and price before buying a cheap air compressor.The cheap compressor comes in a variety of make and models, it is most important to judge all brands before finally making a purchase.There are not much cheap compressors with a good balance of price and horse power, apart of these few top-most brands like Campbell Hausfield, Quincy, Dewalt, Craftsman and Pancake.

Tip: While running two tools at a time from a single compressor, you will need to invest in a compressor with more HP, PSI and CFM.A larger tank size would be advantageous as well.

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