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Welding Aluminium With Mig What Gas

December 25th, 2011

Welding Aluminium With Mig What Gas

Unimig 240   by Alex W

The Unimig 240 Amp Pro-Craft Welder is cheaper, smaller and looks pretty schmick but how does it compete with the bigger bulkier models of their competitors?

Unimig hasn’t been around as long – since 1985, but they doesn’t seem to be holding them back and they have started to branch out and expand into all areas of welding and cutting equipment areas.

Designed for both heavy duty applications and for the home handyman or hobbyist this machine has been seen to be very effective at what it is designed to do.

Not to mention that all their products do comply with Australian standards.

This light industrial welder is great for automotive, rural applications and light fabrication with some expert results seen on some work with light steels, stainless steel and aluminium.

The machine itself comes with a few different features:

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