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Craftsman Lathe Faceplate

May 29th, 2012

Craftsman Lathe Faceplate

Mini Lathe   by Mousumy Akter

JET JML Variable Speed Indexing Mini Lathe:

Home woodworkers or carpentry hobbyists need to invest in their own mini lathe. This nifty little machine helps in completing all kinds of woodworking projects that are done at home, in the garage or in the workshop. Get one with a powerful and versatile engine, guiding features and safety features. The JET JML Variable Speed Indexing Mini Lathe is one such machine.

Features of this product:

* Variable Speed Mini-Lathe
* 10 inch swing and 14 inch bed length
* Features quick release levers
* Fully enclosed fan-cooled motor
* Runs at 6 spindle speeds from 400 to 3,900 RPM
* Includes 6â

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