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June 11th, 2012

Tig Welder Salary

Underwater welding and its risks   by Oleg Gladshteyn

Welding is a riskier job, in spite of being qualified; there are several welders who are prone to injury often. The most risky part is underwater welding. Welding needs are in tons and it requires a great effort to become a welder-diver. Apart from knowing the technical aspects concerned to welding, he or she should be a person who is proficient in diving because without that it is difficult to become a welder-diver. However the salary they earn is covered in a wide range. And this article is all about the basics of underwater welding and the risks involved in it.

Underwater welding is basically performed on steel and it is a definite need that the person who performs underwater welding should be thousand times superior to the commercial divers. The task includes repairing pipelines, offshore oil platforms and ships.

Also there are different types of welding which could be performed underwater but then the most commonly done welding technique is the arc welding. There are several applications concerned to the underwater skills which also include darning ships, working on oil platforms and sustaining underwater pipelines. People with skill and practice in this field can find employment all over the world. The possibility of electric shock is very high as the person should do the welding process by staying inside the water.

The task is carried out by specialized welders and they are specially trained to work under water. This is very helpful for several companies because lifting the structure away from the water is difficult though it is possible it costs a huge sum of money also waste of time. Thereby to overcome this disadvantage underwater welding has headed out. This underwater welding can be classified into two types namely dry welding and wet welding.

Mig welding and tig welding process can also be done under water. But then the exact details relating to the water pressure levels should be identified. Portable welding machines are of great use and portable welders can also follow the proper set of guidelines to follow under the water to have a safe welding. Since underwater welding is performed on steel very rarely you get to into the process of welding aluminum.

The necessary equipment like welding guns and metal cutters should be carried. He or she wears a dive suit, and utilizes welding tools that are tailored for wet environments. And this customized equipment will help the person to safeguard from electric shocks. On the whole, someone who undertakes underwater welding as their profession should be a good welder as well as a good diver.

Controlled power supply can avoid electric shocks under the water. The major risk associated with the underwater welding is an explosion. Hydrogen and oxygen are great explosives and when ignited it can lead to an underwater explosion.

To sum up it is one of the riskier tasks in a welder’s life so before performing the task it is necessary to follow the exact guidelines to avoid injuries.

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