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Back Purging Regulator – Dual Flow Meter

June 21st, 2016 No comments
Back Purging Argon Regulator

Back Purging Argon Regulator

Introducing the Metalmaster back purging tig welding shielding gas regulator with dual bubble flow meters designed to meet the needs of industry where purging is required during the welding process. The AR-101AP is the ideal welding regulator to use for back purging your welds as it features 2 x bubble flow meters mounted back to back. A Y piece allows either flow meter to be turned off so that purging can be deactivated easily. The regulator has 2 x  bobbin style flow meters to enable accurate dispensding of shielding gas from 1 litre per minute up to 25 litres per minute. The bubble flow meters argon shielding gas and this style of regulator has become the mainstay for tig welding applications worldwide.

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