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Cnc Welding

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Cnc Welding

Welding work at Apex CNC – Morgan City, LA

Cnc Welding Equipment

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Cnc Welding Equipment

B2b Perforating Options. Some of the products and services avaliable.   by Broden Keneipp

Our Competitive Edge

With commodities now being outsourced around the world, the UKs manufacturing industry can only compete by responding to production demands from clients who cant wait weeks for vital components. Having a responsive local supplier like Bion means that our clients keep returning to us because they know we can be relied upon to deliver.
Once we have gained their trust, we believe in developing working partnerships with our clients, not simply acting as a faceless supplier. Bion is now the UKs leading perforator, and it continues to work on the most technically challenging design concepts in the industry.
Todays modern manufacturing facilities rely on supply-chain partners to deliver high-quality components at the right price and at the right time. This is where Bion leads the market.
We have recently worked on a design collaboration with a major American OEM, who, though they manufacture in 3 continents selected Bion for our technical expertise in their field.


There are hundreds of functional, economical and aesthetically satisfying uses for Bions perforated materials in both internal and external construction work, and we are a leading supplier of perforated materials to the architectural industry.
The use of perforated materials in the construction sector is always increasing. We work closely with our clients to develop new ideas and technologies. This partnership has helped us to introduce several new materials into the industrial, commercial and residential building marketplace.
Typical applications include: balustrading; radiator covers; street furniture; acoustic panelling; air conditioning systems; and decorative panelling.


Bion works with leading sound-system manufacturers to produce perforated bespoke decorative or protective covers for specialist acoustic equipment. Our most popular patterns are the RBH6066, RB8068 and RB4546 perforated metal speaker grilles. (We also notch, form, paint and insert specialist acoustic foam to give the product its unique performance.)
Bion designs durable materials that can either absorb or reflect sound, or allow sound through to encounter an acoustic treatment beyond the perforated barrier. We work with leading manufacturers to design award-winning sound systems that integrate new technology with advanced acoustic and electronic engineering.


This vital sector utilises Bions unique designs in their exhausts and other metal bodywork, interior furnishings and sound systems. (We also work closely with train carriage manufacturers to deliver ventilation systems.)
Our competitively priced stainless-steel or aluminised exhausts can be supplied in flat banks to clients who roll and weld in-house, or in coil form, or rolled and spot welded with bespoke perforation patterns.
Bions in-house levelling and tooling facilities ensure superior, larger width oil-free coil products are delivered every time.


Used in many environments, from offices and showrooms to warehouses and hospitals, Bion can perforate suspended ceiling tiles which can then be backed with acoustic fabric and solve most thermo-acoustic issues in industrial and commercial applications.
Our in-house tooling facility enables us to provide bespoke high quality solutions in short lead times. Bion supplies only the finest perforated ceiling tiles in a flat sheet or a fully formed product, because delivering a uniformly flat product is the most important technical aspect for our clients.
At Bion, weve invested in the best CNC levelling facilities in the UK. We also boast the widest range of perforations available so we can always match new and replacement ceiling tiles with existing patterns

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