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10 steps to follow when buying a TIG welder

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About to considering buying a new TIG welder? Before you part with your hard earned, there are important and key points to know first.

Transformer or Inverter

Until 2005 transformer machines were very common in the new machine market and due to their limitations in control and …

Buying a TIG welder – What you need to know

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Inverter Tig

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Inverter Tig

Plasma cutters that are used in welding process

To produce the plasma, the pilot arc type uses two cycle, therefore avoiding the need for the initial contact. To initialize a very small unit of high intensity spark within the torch body, a high voltage and a low current circuit is used. Therefore a small pocket of plasma gas is generated. This is nothing but pilot arc. The pilot arc consists of a return electric path that is connected or built in the torch head. Until the plasma arc is not brought into the proximity of the work piece, the pilot arc maintains itself, where the main plasma cutting arc is ignites. Plasma arcs are in of all ranges and they are extremely hot. Plasma cutting arc is a well versed arc.

An effective means of cutting thick and thin materials is plasma cutting alike. Hand-held torches are capable of cutting up to two inches in thick steel plate, and the stronger computer controlled torches can also cut steel up to six inches thick. A hot and much localized “cone” is produced by the plasma cutter which is used very well for cutting the sheet metals in angled or curved shapes. Safety gadgets and steps should always be handy with the welders .welding goggles and face shield are the instrument in eye protection and they are needed to prevent eye damage .This is called arc eye and as well as damage from derby.

Starting methods is a sum of lots of small methods. Number of method is used by the plasma cutter to start the arc. By bringing the torch in contact with the work piece the arc is creates in some of the units. Some cutters make use of high voltage and high frequency circuit to start the arc. Risk of electrocution, spark gas maintain, difficulty pf repair, and large amount of frequency emission are included with large number of other disadvantages.

Lots of pilot arc starts by other means, that is when the plasma cutter works near sensitive electronic such as computers and CNC hardware the electrode and the nozzle are connected. The nozzle is known to be cathode and the electrode is known as anode. The nozzle is blown forward when the plasma gas is begun to flow. A silicon controlled rectifier is a third less common method which is processed as capacitive discharge into the primary circuit

Inverter plasma cutters are a very heavy method. 2 kilowatts is typically required by a analog plasma cutters, it uses a very heavy maintains frequency transformer. The inverter plasma cutters rectify the main to the dc supply. And it is fed into high frequency transmitter. And high frequency transmitter gives higher efficiencies in the transform process.

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