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Inverter Welder ARC TIG Miniarc 200ST

September 4th, 2017 No comments×650.jpg

Demand for inverter welding machines and the competition in this segment of the market has never been greater and the consumer has the advantage with manufacturers bundling features in order to carve out their niche. To succeed in this segment we have launched our latest inverter welder …

Inverter Welder ARC TIG Miniarc 200ST

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Alusync 215 AC/DC Tig Welders For Aluminium On Sale | Welding Australia

November 15th, 2016 No comments

The new range of Metalmaster portable inverter welders has been released called ALUSYNC (Alu as in  aluminium and Sync and in Synchronise) AC DC Tig model range has received it’s latest tech upgrade and transitioned into the must have welder for 2017. We are constantly assessing the feedback of our customers and user voice is a powerful tool for driving innovation. We wanted to continue with our direction of SMT digital architecture for the brains end of the welding range, just like we did years ago in the Alupulse 210 Pro and Metalmaster 215 Elite Digital Welder, but we did not want to give up the gentle control available from panel mounted knobs, nor the appeal of single glance settings recognition that can only be achieved with knobs. The solution of course was to hack both concepts together and incorporate analogue to digital converters that enable the best of both worlds.

Alusync 215 ACDC Tig welding machine features the following features.

acdc tig welders in australia from metalmaster welding supplies


  • Australian 5 Year Parts and Labour Warranty
  • AC Waveform for Tig Welding Aluminium and It’s Alloys
  • DC Waveform for Tig Welding Steel, Stainless Steel, other Metals
  • Built In 50 Amp Plasma Cutter
  • Full Function AC/DC Tig Welder to 210 Amps
  • Stick Welder to 170 Amps
  • IGBT Transistors Used For All Welding Inverter Sections
  • Over Current & Over  Temperature Protection
  • Digital Microprocessor Control
  • High Duty Cycle 60% at 210 Amps
  • Fan on Demand – Fan activates to cool welding power source as required
  • Rear Mounted Female Panel Socket For Tig Water Coolers
  • Clear Control Panel Cover That Flips Down To Protect Knobs
  • Pre & Post Flow
  • Up and Down Slope
  • Start Amps and Crater Amps
  • High and Low Pulse Welding Modes
  • Arc Force For MMA Stick Welding
  • AC Frequency and AC Balance Control
  • Digital Mode Selection Via Push Button Membrane Switches
  • 15 Amp Plug with 2 Metre (3 x 2.5mm) Input Supply Cable
  • HF Bush Button Ignition For Tig Welding Modes



The Alusync 215 AC DC Inverter Tig Welding Machine uses a high frequency ignition module to create the ionised gas path required to initiate the Tig welding arc. In order to facilitate an easy ignition cycle the start amps setting may be used to set a momentary amperage applied when the Tig tungsten electrode first ignites, similar to a hot start. The purpose is to heat the tungsten and ionise more shielding gas to provide stable arc ignition after which the arc power level either up slopes to the preset welding amperage or follows the input as set by the Tig foot control.

A clear plastic front cover has been added along with a new front end allowing even greater protection to the potentiometers. The digital amps display has been increased in size and all switches are bush button toggles allowing greater life expectancy than traditional throw type mechanisms.

Cooling is still taken care of by the large capacity high volume fan however a Fan On Demand (FOD) system handles the operation of the fan which results in a cleaner machine do to reduce particle intake when not welding. Other benefits are a quieter workshop in between welds.

Alusync 215 ACDC Tig welder control panel for multi process features and plasma cutter integration

AC welding frequency is available between 20 Hz and 250Hz with AC balance control values between 10% and 90% for cleaning of aluminium oxide layer. Pulse welding is available for both AC and DC Tig waveforms and the frequency range is 0.5Hz to 25Hz for low range jumping to 25Hz to 250Hz for high range.

When AC Tig welding aluminium at high amperage a Tig water cooler may be added as an option, we have included an IEC C14 socket on the rear panel to allow easy interfacing and synchronous switching, in other words, turn on the welder and the water cooler activates also.
AC DC Tig welder with water cooling power socket on rear - alusync 215 from metalmaster australia

The built in 50 amp plasma cutter offers 10 amps more power than the previous model which increases cutting capacity by 25%.

Silky smooth stick welding up to 170 amps thanks to the IGBT inverter core and ripple filtration achieved by the copper choke reducing the amount of AC ripple from the rectified output of the inverter providing near perfect DC current.

Over all we believe the new welder, Alusync 215 AC DC Tig welding machine offers exceptional value for money and with the 5 year parts and labour warranty in Australia, provides peace of mind on a budget. For further enquiries or sales information please contact us on 1300 881 991.




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Car Restoration Welding Projects

November 11th, 2015 No comments

I often get asked what type of things can be welded using a TIG MIG Welder and whether the use of a PLASMA CUTTER is really that necessary. With thanks to Ted for supplying the pics and video, if you were a teen in the 80’s you will instantly recognise your dream car at that time. If you have the time and patience you can weld and cut anything and manifest your dreams into reality.

The Interceptor is also available for hire, weddings, formals, revenge runs etc, check out




You will need a TIG welder if you want to custome weld intricate components in the cabin

You will need a TIG welder if you want to custom weld intricate components in the cabin


An AC DC Tig Welder helps if you are welding under the bonnet, great for aslly and steel components

An AC DC Tig Welder helps if you are welding under the bonnet, great for ally and steel components


A metalmaster mig welder comes in handy when welding the body panels, look at the phatness

A metalmaster mig welder comes in handy when welding the body panels, look at the phatness


Number plate to suit, what an awesome build

Number plate to suit, what an awesome build


A pic from the original movie, a time long ago before inverter welders were on the market and aold clunky transformer welding machines were used.

A pic from the original movie, a time long ago before inverter welders were on the market and old clunky transformer welding machines were used. If only they had VRD protection in those days 🙂

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