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Cussons Gas Turbine – Twin shaft turbine engine

October 8th, 2012 Comments off

Firing up the cussons gas turbine engine for the first time. No ear muffs required as it has a large silencer. It still makes a sweet turbine whine and gets rather loud at the top end.



Jet Engine

June 13th, 2010 Comments off

Jet Engine

How to Use the Search Engine

Are you having problems on getting the right information you need? Know-how in using the search engine is the key. Suppose you want to find some information about inkjet printers. You know there are many different types of printers that are available online at a wide range of prices. You also know that you want a printer that prints in color rather than in black-and-white only. In the following steps, you will use a search engine to help you find the information you need.

First, launch your Web browser.

Second, in the location address bar, type http:// www. and then press enter. The Google homepage will open in your browser window. (Google is just one example of a Web search engine).

Third, in the search text box, type “ink jet printer” (include the quotation marks) and click the Go button. A new page appears, listing Web pages that contain information relating to inkjet printers. Note however that the list include thousands of pages. There are definitions of ink jet printers, online printing reviews or printing company reviews on printers may also pop up that has also information about ink jet printers. Unlike most directories, search engines generally do not screen other websites for quality of content. Rather they assume a website is relevant to your needs if it contains terms that match the keywords you provide. For example, sometimes online printing reviews on printers sells and advertises printers only, and don’t provide other information as to the specs and others you might find helpful to your activity.

Fourth, to narrow down your search results, you must provide more specific search criteria. Click in the search text box and then type “color ink jet printer” (again, include the quotation marks); then click the Go button. Another page will appear, listing a new selection of websites that match your keywords. Note that this list is shorter than the first list; in fact by several thousand matches.

Last, scroll through the list and notice if it contains any duplicate entries. How many of the suggested pages seem irrelevant to your search criteria? Duplicate and useless entries are two significant problems users encounter when working with search engines.

Most search engines provide other tools to help you search more accurately and find Web pages that are more relevant to your interests. These include Boolean operators and advanced search tools.

A good way to determine whether you need to use operators is to phrase your interest in the form of a sentence; and then use the important parts of a sentence as your keywords along with the appropriate operators.

To overcome the problems of duplicate and irrelevant results, many search engines provide a set of advanced search options, sometimes called advanced tools. It is important to remember that each engine’s advanced tool set is somewhat different from the tool set of another. But they all have the same goal of helping you refine your search criteria to get the best results.

In some engines, advanced search options include support for phrase-based searching or Boolean operators. In other engines, an advanced search provides you with customized tools.

To sum it all, the best way to learn about a specific search engine’s advanced options is to study its Help section and then practice using the tool. After you learn to use an engine’s advanced options, you may never want to conduct a search without them.

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